This project explores the vernacular of Hamra streets and the potential of turning one of its abandoned central attractions, "Le Coliseé theatre," into a film house. The undertaking consisted of creating an identity inspired by the surrounding locale to bring back a communal movie experience and promote independent film culture in Beirut. Visual systems of posters for movies, festivals, and workshops were developed and created. The main challenge was for the system to fit with both the identity of the space, the chosen movies or the film series according to the film director or culture in question.

Poster series for the film-maker  Jean Luc Godard

Poster series for a Brazilian film week

Single poster for a music in film workshop

Single poster for the film Panoptic by Rana Eid

Inside Le Colisee recently


Yokoo is one of Japan's most internationally recognized graphic designers. His works are filled with virtual richness, alluding to a massive array of artistic images and movements such as surrealism, Dada, Russian constructivism, American pop art, as well as contemporary Japanese culture and traditional art forms. His intricate dreamlike designs are a reflection of his philosophy, memories, and, most importantly: his fears. His reasoning follows that of becoming one with fear as to no longer feel threatened by it. Consequently, his work portrays our turbulent and chaotic times, revealing all of the unbearable things hiding deep within mankind's psyche. This is where the exhibition that I imagined, called "Things we don't want to see," comes into play. The song is "Take me with you" by Santana, one of the artists he used to listen to, to get inspired while working.


Imagining a different poster and album cover for his debut “Striking”, I worked with strings and shadows as the main reflection of Andrew Byrne’s experimental music. This album portrays Byrne’s interest in creating evocative soundscapes using unconventional methods such as composing the entirety of this album from extended string techniques.


Metro Al Madina is an underground famous cabaret in Beirut that hosts all kind of shows. Distortion (دِس Tortion) was an improvised music concert, transforming the space into a soundscape grotto resonating all over its walls. Here are three different posters used for the three jam sessions marked by this event!


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