Sarah's Bag is a Lebanese social enterprise that creates elevated handcrafted fashion pieces to empower both the women that make them and those who wear them. Working as an art director with a team of inspiring artisans, I followed the product's journey from its drafting to finishing stages. Sometimes by curating a message or cultural aesthetic, managing its design direction, production, or creative promotion, I ensured the company's ethics were ingrained in each of its creations. 


Bokja is a pioneer in reviving regional textile practices, redefining them in a contemporary voice through craftsmen and women of the region.

From Stitch to Print, a Slip Coat Story
Selecting an array of fabrics from around the world, artfully stitching them together then printing them on luxurious silk, forms a new surface: a sensual skin to be worn anywhere and anytime. The shoot happened in an abandoned mansion in Beirut with the little greenery it still has, contrasting with a soft pink backdrop. It was art directed by the Bokja team: Lamia Choucair, Adrian Pepe and myself, with Aia Atoui as a photographer.

From Craft to Craft, Maker to Maker: Otavalo and Bokja, ama la vida!
Bokja celebrates a sister craft tradition from Otavalo, Ecuador. A city where Kichwa women pick, dry and weave the Cabuya plant fibers that give birth to this Shigra bag. In the Bokja atelier, the bags received the best of the embroiderers’ care. The Shigra bags were taken later on for a day at the beach in Beirut for a summery fresh shoot. It was art directed by the team: Lamia Choucair, Yasmine Saleh and myself, with Aia Atoui as a photographer.


Depot Vente is a vintage thrift shop in Beirut, but is also a place brimming with creativity and a sense of discovery. Every item has a story to tell, therefore, I took the opportunity to shoot and art direct a few outfits of my choice and style them with an amazing team: Sara El Samman, my sister, as an assistant art director, and Tarek El Daccache as a photographer.

This shoot portrays the story of people ebbing in and out of a small hotel room in old Beirut. We follow them as they deal with love and heartbreak, treason, and theft, and as we observe, we wonder: Who’s really the “bad guy”?

Street Patrols
Here, the plot follows misfits as they overtake the streets of the capital, attempting to live freely and perhaps even find reflections of themselves in the hidden corners of the city. So where is the next stop?

The dream team post-shooting


A fashion film satire by Ayeesha Starkey.

Benzine was filmed in the heart of Baalbeck within the boundaries of a gas station and a makeshift corner store or "Dekkeneh” that we constructed. The short film approaches Lebanon's heated political and economic climate in a satirical manner, experimenting with distinct fashion by Lebanese brands that focus on thrifted clothing. As an art director, with three assistants on my team: Leen Harazallah, Sofia Khadra, and Joanna Zbib, I was responsible for the scenography and props. The outfits were all styled by me. Here are some behind the scenes pictures taken by Tamara Saade!


Established in 1995, BAAL stands as one of the leading design-oriented companies in the luxury hospitality sector. Alongside Nareg Krikorian and Stephanie Chelala, we decided to experiment with three collections from BAAL Home, by creating a story, a mood and the scenography, turning them into an art directed shoot of our own.

By virtue of the harmonious classicism this collection brings, inspired by Italian mannerism, we decided to treat the scene as a stage for the graceful yet bizarre Harlequin!

This collection is nothing but sleek and sophisticated, which deserved to be visually treated with elevation and arches keeping this art deco feel to it!
Inspired by the story of cat and mouse, we explored the colors and shapes of the products through a maze of our own creation.

Sassiest team out there 


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