In the presence of absence

في حضرة الغياب //
Shadowed by his mortality and thinking it might be his final work, Palestinian author Mahmoud Darwish summoned all his poetic genius to create an oeuvre that defies categorization. Darwish’s self-elegy inhabits a rare space where opposites bleed and blend into each other: prose and poetry, life and death, home and exile. Looking back at his own existence, intertwined with that of his people, he bids farewell to his readers and self. Utilizing Arabic shapes of prosody and typography, my visual two-toned adaption of his book showcases the lyrical opposites of his voice. Without a start or end: no covers are present. As the book spins on itself, you can start reading it from any page, reflecting an ongoing conversation between life and death. As for the wires, they are a reflection of the physical and mental imprisonment he dealt with during the writing of this book.


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