Depot Vente is a vintage thrift shop in Beirut, but is also a place brimming with creativity and a sense of discovery. Every item has a story to tell, therefore, I took the opportunity to shoot and art direct a few outfits of my choice and style them with an amazing team: Sara El Samman, my sister, as an assistant art director, and Tarek El Daccache as a photographer.

This shoot portrays the story of people ebbing in and out of a small hotel room in old Beirut. We follow them as they deal with love and heartbreak, treason, and theft, and as we observe, we wonder: Who’s really the “bad guy”?

Street Patrols
Here, the plot follows misfits as they overtake the streets of the capital, attempting to live freely and perhaps even find reflections of themselves in the hidden corners of the city. So where is the next stop?

The dream team post-shooting


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