Bokja is a pioneer in reviving regional textile practices, redefining them in a contemporary voice through craftsmen and women of the region.

From Stitch to Print, a Slip Coat Story
Selecting an array of fabrics from around the world, artfully stitching them together then printing them on luxurious silk, forms a new surface: a sensual skin to be worn anywhere and anytime. The shoot happened in an abandoned mansion in Beirut with the little greenery it still has, contrasting with a soft pink backdrop. It was art directed by the Bokja team: Lamia Choucair, Adrian Pepe and myself, with Aia Atoui as a photographer.

From Craft to Craft, Maker to Maker: Otavalo and Bokja, ama la vida!
Bokja celebrates a sister craft tradition from Otavalo, Ecuador. A city where Kichwa women pick, dry and weave the Cabuya plant fibers that give birth to this Shigra bag. In the Bokja atelier, the bags received the best of the embroiderers’ care. The Shigra bags were taken later on for a day at the beach in Beirut for a summery fresh shoot. It was art directed by the team: Lamia Choucair, Yasmine Saleh and myself, with Aia Atoui as a photographer.


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