During a workshop with Jonathan Barnbrook at the American University of Beirut, we had the chance to create a design as a response to a political and social issue in Lebanon. Working with my classmates: Stephanie Chelala and Lama Barakat, I decided to tackle the complex subject of Solidere. After the civil war, when downtown Beirut was supposed to be reconstructed, houses and small shops were instead sold to big investors, wealthy ex-pats, and political leaders to turn them into luxury boutiques and high-end restaurants that the locals could no longer afford. The area is no longer for its people. One of those businesses is Aishti, a one-stop shop for all high-end fashion brands. The postcards are an ironic collage of old pictures of Beirut with cutouts of the models from the campaign that the one and only Stefan Sagmeister created for Aishti.


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